When it comes to having our photos taken, many people tend to get uncomfortable quickly. And that’s because having your pictures taken can be scary! It’s exposing to stand in front of a lens and it can be daunting to try and figure out what to do with your body and your facial expression. Obviously your photographer will help you and guide you through a photoshoot, but there are tons of ways to prepare yourself to make you feel confident. Learning a few tricks about what you can do in front of the camera will help you feel good about the process and also about the finished product!

Practice posing in front of a mirror. It might seem slightly vain, but knowing what you look like from all angles is a really great way to learn how to stand when you’re faced with a camera lens. Experiment with shoulder angles and what it looks like straight on versus at a ¾ angle. More often than not, it’s best to lead slightly with one shoulder to give your pose a more dynamic feel. It also tends to be much more flattering as opposed to straight on! Play with the positioning of your arms too; hands in pockets, arms crossed, which arm is crossed on top, etc. See how it looks when you lead with one hip versus the other. Look over your shoulder and play with how low or how high you can bring your shoulder as you watch yourself in the mirror. Take note of what it looks like when you bring your chin slightly forward and angle it down. This is going to be your saving grace as a lifted chin isn’t flattering in photos. There is absolutely no shame in practicing in front of a mirror as this is the best way to learn what looks best for your body!

When you actually step in front of the camera, the most helpful thing you can do for yourself is remember to breathe! Believe it or not, if you hold your breath, that shows up in your photos. Unless it’s the look you’re going for, try not to angle yourself directly straight on to the camera. Shifting your weight to your back foot and leading with one shoulder forward is a more natural pose. The point of a photo shoot is to capture you feeling good and confident, so mimicking natural behaviours will help with this! While you’re remembering to breathe, allow your shoulders to relax. Add some movement into your joints, because as one model once said, “if it can bend, bend it!”

With all this in mind, remember that a good photographer will help you. We know what looks best and what angle is going to flatter you most, but if you come in with a basic idea of what looks good for your body, this will help our process! After all, we want you to get the best photos possible and if you come in ready and confident to get to work, we will have a much easier time getting there with you!