Toying with the idea of doing a glamour or boudoir photography shoot is something that lots of women (and some men!) consider, however actually going through with it is another story. Glamour photography has gotten a bit of a bad rep in the past and can sometimes be associated with those terrible glamor shoots of the nineties; odd and uncomfortable poses, kooky outfits, big hair, and that weird space background to name a few! But glamour is starting to be reinvented by modern photographers, and it’s geared toward anyone wanting to step a little out of their comfort zone and feel glamorous, sexy, or dramatic. These types of shoots are meant for people of all ages! It’s about capturing your unique beauty and reminding you how amazing you look, depicted through the eyes of an artist.

How to Prepare
You did it. You booked the glamour shoot. Now what? First and foremost, you’re going to want to look and feel your best on the day of your big close up and with that in mind, it’s most beneficial to start preparing well in advance.

Skin care is so important, as the camera will pick up blemishes you’d rather were invisible. Start exfoliating, moisturizing, and grooming yourself at least a couple weeks in advance. Pay attention to your eyebrows, as they really do frame our faces, and if you plan on waxing, please do it at least three days beforehand to leave time for redness or swelling to disappear.

Hair is another beauty aspect you’re going to want to have done in advance. Colouring or retouching your hair is a great idea, but make sure to leave at least a week between your hair appointment and your shoot to get this treatment done. Haircuts should also be done at least a few days before in order to get used to the new do! Going drastic right before a glamour shoot might not be your best bet though. Opting for a trim instead is sometimes your better option. This way, you’ll know how to style your hair like a pro beforehand. Along with hair, getting your nails done is a great way to treat yourself. We forget that hands are a part of a photo shoot, but they will definitely show up in most of your pictures! Even simply having your nails shaped and looking well-groomed makes a difference.

Let’s get Dressed
What actually looks good on camera? This is an absolutely valid question! There are three easy rules to keep in mind for this – creativity, comfort, and colours.

When choosing or buying a new outfit, you want to start with your own creative flair. What makes you excited, what gets your imagination flowing? This is your glamour shoot, and picking a theme is a great idea, even if the theme is simply being you! Pick things that fit your style, your uniqueness. Props and accessories can add a lot to a photo-shoot, so bring things like hairpieces, hats, or pearls. If gothic is what you’re going for, wear black lipstick!

Next, you want to think comfortable when you’re getting your outfit ready. Now, this rule is flexible as sometimes your outfit is built around a “wow” factor rather than a “comfy” factor. Keep in mind you will be wearing this for an extended period of time and also holding poses while dressed in it! Basically, pick something you feel confident wearing for at least a few hours. Confidence will make you comfortable and this will show up in your pictures.

The last thing to keep in mind when picking an outfit is colour. Patterns take away from you, the subject, so steering clear of big flashy prints is a good idea. Solid colours are often recommended, but go with your vision. This is your photo shoot after all!

Work it!

Just before you step into the studio to meet your photographer, take a second to breathe and remember this is an investment in yourself. Most people who try out glamour photography end up only doing it once, which of course there’s nothing wrong with that, but this is an exciting keepsake for you to keep for years to come! It’s a wonderful way to remind yourself of how beautiful you are because, believe us, your photographer is going to strive to help you look amazing. When working with a skilled photographer, any insecurity ends up fading away, and you actually start to have fun! Treat this as an investment in yourself and do this entirely for you. Glamour photographer is a creative collaboration between you and the person behind the camera, so have a little fun and use your imagination!